Guide to Florence

Florence is one of the gorgeous cities in Italy that is not only hailed as the cradle of the Renaissance but is also popular for exuding small town feel with an international flair.

Piazza della Repubblica

The Tuscan capital is also deemed a UNESCO World Heritage which makes it a perfect destination to soak in the charm of this city in a day.

How to explore Florence?

Lest you’re spoilt for choices, we’ve master-crafted a budget-friendly and entertaining one-day itinerary in Florence.

  • Breakfast like Florentine

    Located in the central Piazza della Repubblica square, Caffe Donnini 1984 provides you with a wide-ranging menu and a spectacular view of the piazza. Kickstart your day with a typical Italian breakfast that consists of a cappuccino, crispy croissant and fresh orange juice for €8 at Donnini, which has earned itself a great reputation for good food and hospitality since 1984.

  • Wallow in the charm of Renaissance

    Accademia Gallery

    One of the most popular museums in Italy – the Accademia Gallery can be reached by walking around the street that is teeming with creativity. From the highly-celebrated sculpture of David by Michelangelo to priceless masterpieces by eminent artists to an assortment of forty musical instruments, this hotspot is heaven for art enthusiasts and tourists. Join a guided tour with skip the line tickets to avoid waiting in line for countless hours.

  • Marvel the third largest church of the world

    Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

    After 8 minutes of strolling through the cobbled and twisted streets comes the richly decorated Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore with a distinctive dome. Although the entry is free, buy a ticket worth €18 or join a guided tour to enjoy the panoramic view of Tuscany’s most prized jewel after a Herculean task of climbing 463 stairs.

  • Relish the hearty Italian lunch

    Cantinetta dei Verrazzano

    Cantinetta dei Verrazzano is a combination of a bakery with a sit-down restaurant and a pizzeria. Aside from typical Italian pizza and pasta, the place is famous for Florentine flattened bread, focaccia, and mixed-fennel-seed-salami platter. Sit down at a marble-topped table to devour the traditional delicacy as you sip one of their award-winning wines!

  • Visit the most photographed bridge in Florence

    Ponte Vecchio

    Ponte Vecchio, also known as the old bridge has an innovative defensive architecture of three-arch structure with buildings standing along the sides. It is renowned for the wooden-shuttered goldsmiths’ shops that line both sides of it, and for the Vasari Corridor- the raised, enclosed passageway.

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