What is the best month to visit Florence?

Florence, “The Cradle of the Renaissance”, is a medieval dream city of stunning architecture, legendary art and sumptuous Tuscan cuisine. A visit to Florence is always full of culture and cuisine, with the likes of the Accademia and Uffizi galleries being some of the most visited in the world!

Fresco at the Duomo Florence

But what are the best times of year to visit this lavish Italian city? Well, with so much art and history in one town, it’s safe to assume that Florence gets overrun by tourists in the summer months from June to August.

So, if you don’t want to have to jostle for a spot to see Michelangelo’s David or wait in line to dine at one of the city’s world class trattorias, it’s best to head to Fiorenze in shoulder months of April – May and September – October.

You will enjoy wonderfully pleasant temperatures without lining up outside the Uffizi for hours!

So, head to Florence on either side of the summer months, and enjoy these amazing activities that make Florence a gem of European travel…

The galleries, of course!

Florence is home to two of the world’s most visited galleries, with each gallery housing some of the Renaissance, and history’s, most recognisable masterpieces.

The Accademia houses fewer works than the Uffizi, so it will take less time to wander around, but what awaits you as its centrepiece is nothing short of mesmerising. Yes, the gallery is home to the stunning Michelangelo’s David, the ultimate testament to the wonder of the Renaissance!

Then, be sure to head over to the Uffizi, which houses a more extensive collection of famed Renaissance works, including Botocelli’s divine The Birth of Venus and da Vinci’s Annunciation.

Visiting two galleries in one day might sound a little overwhelming, but it’s totally possible! Just take the morning for one and the afternoon for the other and you are in for a full day of stunning art appreciation.

Dine on fine Tuscan food & wine

Tuscany is a world famous agricultural region, with plenty of the region’s delightful produce making it straight to Florence’s plates. Head to any charming trattoria and find plates of mouth watering bistecca alla fiorentina (rare steak), finocchiona (Tuscan salami) and glasses of Chianti await for your gastronomic pleasure!

Top that off with a visit to the gorgeous Piazzale Michelangelo and you have yourself a pretty fine Florence adventure…

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