What do I need to know before I go to Florence?

Florence, the ornate jewel in the rustic Tuscan crown, a city of gorgeous Renaissance architecture, stunning vistas and some of history’s finest art. Visiting Florence is like stepping back to a time where artisanship reigned supreme, where people took their time to create all things delicious, pleasurable and soul enriching.

Ponte Vecchio Florence

But just because Florence is a wondrous Medieval town it doesn’t mean that, like all major cities, there aren’t a few important things to know before you get there!

Just so you don’t find yourself confused, frustrated, lost or something else in what will otherwise be an enchanting Tuscan escape, it’s important to remember the following before you get there…

1. Taxis ain’t cheap

Whilst many European cities offer taxis for a pittance of what you might expect in Australian cities, Florence’s taxis can be quite expensive! If you’re not the type to be taxiing to the city’s Michel star restaurants – and are instead rolling through Tuscany on a shoestring – you might want to stay near the major sites so that you can easily walk to them (as Florence is a delightful walkable city).

2. You have to call said taxis before pick up

Florence isn’t like Melbourne or Sydney where you can just rush out onto the street and wave your hand with great intensity – you have to call your cab before you get picked up. So, before you think about jumping in one of those exxy cab rides, be sure that you have called the number or booked one from a taxi stand or else you might just find yourself walking anyway…

3. Pisa Airport is far from Florence

If you’re flying to Florence as part of an extended European jaunt you can expect to land at Pisa International Airport. It’s cheaper to fly there, like Paris’ Beauvais or London’s Southend.

And, like those two cheaper options to de Gaulle and Heathrow, Pisa International Airport is really far from Florence. So far, in fact, that a taxi from the airport to Florence would set you back a cheeky €150!

But don’t fret: you can easily hop aboard the bus or train for a massive fraction of the price (think more like €12 for both).

4. It is a simply gorgeous city

Despite those minor inconveniences, Florence is a wondrously charming city, with everything you need to complete your Tuscan fantasy and more – enjoy la dolce vita in this most beguiling of regions…

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