Is a day trip from Florence to Cinque Terre worth it?

Cinque Terre is an Italian marvel, a sparkling testament to the country’s ability to harmonise rugged Mediterranean scenery with gorgeous architecture to create a region that is simply dazzling.

Just to meander around one of Cinque Terre’s five inspiring towns is reason enough to make the three hour train trip from Florence, but meandering isn’t all there is to enjoy in this lush Italian coastal wonderland…

Let’s find out why Cinque Terre is totally worth the journey from Florence, and why it creates such a fabulous seachange from the city’s bustling mediaeval backdrop:

Monterosso Beach

After all, isn’t Cinque Terre world famous for its glistening coastline, so why wouldn’t you want to spend the afternoon hanging out on one of southern Europe’s most idyllic shorelines?

Monterosso Beach is truly spectacular, the kind of Italian coastal gem that is characterised by turquoise waters, rugged headlands, vibrant parasols and a pastel-hued town beyond – so why would you want to pass on kicking back there for a while?

Roam from town to town

Okay, so you probably won’t have time to take in every one of Cinque Terre’s five iconic towns, but you will definitely have time to take in a couple, sipping the wine and enjoying the sun as you go!

Each one of Cinque Terre’s five “towns” (although they are really small hillside villages) are gorgeous, with each town having its own unique flavour. Anyone who is lucky enough to visit Cinque Terre always comes back with a favourite village, whether it be for Corniglia’s inspiring clifftop setting, Vernazza’s sublime harbour, Manarol’s divine dessert wine etc.

Go hiking

Italy’s western coastline is so famous for glamorous beach days that many travellers overlook the fact that it boasts some pretty fantastic hiking trails, some of which are proudly found in Cinque Terre.

Whether you’re traversing the famed “Blue Trail” or taking on one of the region’s other spectacular treks, taking the day trip from Florence is perfect for people looking to stretch their legs and get a little exercise in after some sumptuous Florencian indulgence…

Enjoy a sunset view

But before you take off, you can’t overlook an immaculate Cinque Terre sunset, especially as the coastline is facing directly towards it, making it one of the most appealing views you will hope to find anywhere in the world…

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