Is 2 days enough in Florence?

Florence is revered as Italy’s cultural wonderland, rightfully earning its affectionate nickname, “the cradle of the Renaissance” for its ornate museums’ housing world famous masterpieces, its elaborate architecture and its fine food and wine culture.

Ponte Vecchio, Florence Italy

It’s no secret as to why so many people see Florence as their favourite Italian city, whether it’s marvelling upon Boticelli’s The Birth of Venus at the Uffizi Gallery or finally getting the chance to see Michelangelo’s David, there is a reason why art lovers and travellers alike adore this spectacular Tuscan town.

So, down to the nitty gritty, and the question of how long you should spend in Firenze?

Well, lovers of all things fine art, food and wine could easily spend their whole lives there, meandering the city’s narrow streetscape en route to an exhibition or trattoria, but if you only have a few days to enjoy the city, it’s best to create an itinerary based on what you want to do in this marvellous city.

Perhaps this guide will help you along? Prego, let’s go!

For enjoying fine art

Florence is world famous for hosting some of history’s most beloved and instantly recognisable masterpieces. As the home of the Renaissance, many famous artists from the time have celebrated artworks in the city’s most renowned galleries.

The best part about this? You can experience Florence’s top museums on one, culturally-spectacular day. Start by heading to the Uffizi Gallery, slowly walking about its beautiful halls as you see works by Boticelli, da Vinci, Michelangelo and more.

After seeing the likes of The Birth of Venus and Primavera in person, it is time to head over to the Accademia, to bear witness to history’s most famous sculpture, Michelangelo’s David, in all its unabashed glory!

To enjoy the Tuscan dream

This is where you will need a few more days to enjoy Florence, and the wondrous Tuscany, as a whole. Tuscany is one of Italy’s most picturesque regions, a hilly landscape dotted with rolling vineyards of reddy, yellow and brown hues, and is the perfect place to spend a romantic few days in the rustic countryside.

Ride around on Vespas, take a local cooking class or just wander the impressive streets of Toscana’s most impressive towns for an amazing way to spend a week in Italy.

La dolce vita awaits you in Tuscany – now it’s time to decide how long you want to spend there!

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