Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Ponte Vecchio is an everlasting symbol of Florence and one of the most famous historically aesthetic bridges worldwide.

Ponte Vecchio

Commonly known as Old Bridge, it is a three-arch link over the Arno River that connects the city centre to the district of Oltrarno. The bridge is a tourist hotspot that houses jewelers, souvenir shops, vendors and art houses that interest every traveler.

Rumour has it; Adolf Hitler fancied the bridge so much that this illustrious landmark was the only bridge to have been spared from bombing during World War II. Also, this handsome three-arched affair has survived three catastrophic floods in the past. Here we’ve compiled a list of reasons that justify why this bridge is highly lauded throughout the world.

Why is Ponte Vecchio so famous?

  • Home to the most elegant jewels of Italy

    Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in Florence that twinkles with the glittering wares of jewelers passed down from generation to generation since centuries. Thousands flock to this edifice to buy gold from the most accomplished goldsmiths. From rings and earrings to bracelets and necklaces, you can find the most classy and chic jewelry at Ponte Vecchio.

  • Elevated enclosed pathway

    The Vasari Corridor is a 16th-century passageway above the jewelry shops connecting the famous Uffizi Gallery and majestic Pitti Palace that was built for the royalties to traverse. Adorned with extravagant decorations, this passageway has panoramic windows from where you can witness the city at its finest. This also happens to be the best place to capture the postcard-perfect view of multi-coloured houses stacked up below the bridge.

  • Shop the city’s best souvenirs

    With an incredible artisanal heritage, Ponte Vecchio is the destination where you can go on a shopping spree. From locally manufactured leather goods and handmade marbled paper to bound journals and hand-embroidered linen, the savvy shoppers can tastefully source classic products with a ‘Made in Florence’ tag at traditional artisanal shops.

  • A symbol of the unbreakable love

    The bridge is one of the most romantic spots with a local myth that ensures eternal love. Many couples go to the bridge to affix a padlock with their names inscribed and throw away the key into the river below to enjoy the love for eternity. However, to combat the damage to the bridge because of the overabundance of colorful padlocks, authorities introduced a hefty penalty of €160 if anyone is caught in the grand romantic gesture.

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