Cinque Terre, Italy

Perched on the rugged coastline at the eastern end of the Italian Riviera, the five villages of Cinque Terre boast of timeless appeal with iconic rugged coastline, twisted narrow roads, perfectly preserved architecture, and a network of stunning mountain trails.

Cinque Terre

From kicking back at a waterfront table to hiking the steep hills and resting at an ancient sanctuary on a cliff top, the five fishing communities of Cinque Terre exude remote authenticity. We’ve done the groundwork so that you can explore Italy’s fabulous five smoothly.

Things to know about visiting Cinque Terre

  • The largest and liveliest Monterosso

    Monterosso allures the globe-trotters with a remarkable stretch of sandy beaches that offer a great opportunity to get tanned as you soak the summer sun lying in sun loungers (€15-18). Experience the laidback lifestyle as you enjoy the classic Italian espresso with a slice of the standard olive oil-glazed, salt-dusted focaccia (bread) at the seafront!

    P.S. Do not miss a serene hike on the mountainous trails surrounded by lemon and olive groves.

  • Vernazza: the beauty queen

    Vernazza is the most picturesque hamlet of Cinque Terre that is roughly 2 hours hike on Blue Trail from Monterosso. The only village with a natural harbour, Vernazza boasts of a gorgeous waterfront that offers adventure activities like kayaking and deep swimming! Also, a visit to the ruins of the Doria Castle will bless you with beatifically pristine views of the hamlet.

  • The isolated and romantic vibe at Corniglia

    Perched 100metre-high upon the cliff edge with a beautiful view of the Cinque Terre National Park, Corniglia is approximately 365 steps from the Corniglia train station. Here you can enjoy an electric bus ride to the top of the village and walk to a breezy sea-facing terrace which is the only vantage point from where you can photograph all five villages at once. The town is also famous for very pleasant wine-reservoirs where you can enjoy fine wine-tasting.

  • Sunset panoramas at Manarola

    Manarola is a terraced village that is hikers’ favorite to get the iconic shot of the azure blue waters and pastel-painted skies. What’s more? The pink-hued buildings cascade down from terraces to the footsteps of the sea that offers excellent deep water for avid swimmers and cliff-divers. You can even take a leisurely stroll on the ring trail around Manarola for the most breath-taking vistas of the sunset.

  • Postcard-perfect views at Riomaggiore

    Riomaggiore boasts of its locally produced wines and lively nightlife with outdoor DJ concerts. Built on the banks of river Maior this hamlet has tall buildings stacked around the river mouth and a fishing village atmosphere with colourful boats. The Church of San Giovanni Battista is travelers’ favorite after a hike from the Via dell’Amore trail in Manarola.

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